Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

last months activities

one more arrival at Lago di Como

another start in the rain

through snow

it was so f... cold

in Switzerland

my last/9th group

no rain!

Hannes and me on top

and a fantastic view on Piz Buin

 more snow on our last day

and the arrival at the lake

bad luck

little bit of rock climbing at Alli´s place

playing pilot

back in the trees

a very special birthday

bicycle repairing up in the air

party preparations

on the party: unwrapping the gift

Happy Birthday!

one upcoming event:

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

across the alps

repairing and maintaining my bike

big meal with Hannes´ and  my family

the cycling season starts

another group

third group

group 4

fifth group

loads of rain with my sixth group

flat tire

in Switzerland

Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Kiez Dirndl

on the Camping site with Paula and Jörg

Girls Wellness Weekend in Flensburg

busy on the fleamarket

a typical northern german house gets a new roof

cleaning my bike on the balcony

this is my first collection of caps made from secondhand sweaters

little Launch Party for Kiez Dirndl, the new dress made from used jeans

Kiez-Dirndl von REISING:
Dieses Dirndl hat Geschichte.
Gefertigt auf St. Pauli aus getragenen Jeans.
Gib ihm deine eigene Geschichte,
ob auf dem Oktoberfest,
im Hafen oder auf dem Kiez:
sei kein braves Dirndl!

Made in Hamburg St.Pauli, from used jeans, this dress has got some history.
It´s about you to let the dress tell your story.
On the Oktoberfest, downtown or on a party:
don´t be such a nice girl...